How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself

The question, “Tell me about yourself?” is a classic interview opener that is almost always asked in a cadet pilot job interview as either the first or second question. It may seem like an easy question to answer, but it can actually be quite challenging to know where to begin and what information to include. In this post, we will explore the key considerations when answering this question, and provide some tips for crafting a strong response. If possible keep your answer to a maximum of 2 minutes!

Why Is This Question Asked?

It’s important to first understand why this question is asked. This question is designed to allow the interviewer to get to know you better and assess your suitability for the cadet pilot job but also allows them to assess your communication skills. Can you convey information clearly and concisely in a short period of time? By asking you to tell them about yourself, the interviewer is trying to determine whether you have the skills, experience, and qualities that are necessary to succeed as a cadet pilot.

Tips for Answering the Question

When answering this question, there are several key things to keep in mind:

  1. Start with a brief introduction.

Begin your answer by introducing yourself and providing some basic information about your background. This could include your name, where you’re from, and your educational background and working background. I would go in reverse chronological order. Depending on your age, start with what you studied at school or University, then move onto work experience in order. Keep things short, but still specific. If you had any managerial responsibilities or worked in a team mention them. This allows the interviewer to springboard onto other questions from your responses.

  1. Talk about your interest in flying.

As a cadet pilot, it’s obviously important to demonstrate a genuine passion for flying. Talk about how you have always been fascinated by aviation, and how you have pursued this interest by learning about planes, taking flying lessons, getting a PPL, attending air shows or career events, doing an internship, etc. Be sure to highlight any specific experiences or achievements that demonstrate your commitment to pursuing a career as a pilot.

  1. Highlight your skills and qualities.

Being a cadet pilot requires a range of skills and qualities, including strong communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, as well as a high level of technical proficiency. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight these qualities and demonstrate how they make you well-suited to the role.

  1. Be specific.

Finally, when answering this question, it’s important to be specific and avoid vague or generic answers. Use concrete examples from your own experience to illustrate your passion for flying, your understanding of the challenges and rewards of the job, and your skills and qualities.

Sample Answer

“I’m Paul, I’m 26 (not true by the way) and grew up in the south of England. I went to University to study computer science and achieved first-class honours. At the same time, I worked multiple-part time jobs doing shift work to help pay for my study. I then moved abroad to work in finance for the last 5 years, working in teams of up to 20 people from all over the world working on projects to improve efficiency in our company, but also to boost the revenue of our clients. From a young age, I was fascinated by planes and knew that I wanted to pursue a career as a pilot. I don’t have the money for a PPL but I’ve taken a trial lesson and try and go gliding once a month. I’ve also been involved in a number of aviation-related extracurricular activities, including volunteering at air shows, clearing at my local gliding club, and visiting air traffic control towers. 

What I love most about flying is the sense of freedom and adventure it provides, and the fact that it requires a high level of technical skill and precision. I’m also a strong communicator and problem-solver, and I’m confident that these skills will serve me well as a cadet pilot.”


Crafting a strong answer to the question “Tell me about yourself?” is an important step in preparing for your cadet pilot job interview. By introducing yourself, highlighting your interest in flying, showcasing your skills and qualities, and being specific in your answer and keeping it to less than 2 minutes, you can make a strong case for why you are well-suited to this challenging and exciting career.